Calling Out Economic Reformers for the African Dream


We need to transform the business/ economic sphere in Africa with the gospel of the kingdom,  major economic crisis that happened in history God knew about them long before they took place. He takes each and every one of us through a process of transformation and change so that we can be His Change Agents that will provide kingdom solutions and answers to the hopeless world. Every adversity we face brings us in close proximity with the problems of the world that only He can solve through us to reveal His Glory.

Joseph emerged at a time of economic crisis in Egypt. He became one of the best ruler and Prime Minister, his Kingdom economic policies saved the Egyptians and so many nations. He won the battle for culture. He was entrusted with the whole economic system of Egypt to bring reforms and change to it. Can God entrust you with a solution for this current economic crisis in SA and Africa?

Economic Reformation is calling for the re-formation of all things back to their original state in the earth. There must be a conquest of this spiritual and physical state of being. This includes addressing the disparities and imbalances caused by illegitimate systems such as colonization, imperialism, apartheid in our nation and globally.  We must re-evaluate our paradigms about economics and our understanding of why economic empowerment of the people is so important. Clear economic policies must be set that goes beyond the traditional concepts of production.

Economics affects every sphere of life. We, the Church of Jesus Christ, are about to inherit the largest piece of real estate – it is, planet Earth. Preparation for this must precede the actual conquest. The Church must prepare their Josephs, Daniels, and Zerubbabel’s to rule the earth. Economic salvation is an integral part of the heart of God for His people and should not be treated as a carnal and un-spiritual aspect of life. Under Joshua’s leadership, the people were transitioned into a community of landowners with an enterprising spirit.

I believe that God is raising up a people in South Africa and  Africa as a whole who will be used mightily in the world of Business and Economics, they will view their careers and businesses as an extension of what God is doing in their lives and their goal is to advance the purposes of God in the earth. These men and women will come up with many innovative ideas no one has ever heard of, new industries will be born, new economic policies will be established in their countries that will benefit all the citizens, not just a minority. All the exiles who left the continent many years are go will come back to rebuild this beautiful land.

However, before the re-building can begin, God will tear apart all the illegitimate systems that currently exist in these countries, there will be a great shaking of the politics of these countries, financial system and education system. Land reformation policies will take priority as God seeks to establish every citizen in their land. The Land issue is at the core of God’s plan and it must never be treated as carnal or as a waste of time. God will raise up Cyrus’s of today, the most unlikely vessels to accomplish this, and He will use then to bring their nations towards the fulfilment of his purposes and the African Dream of economic freedom.

Christian businesses are called to social and economic justice, but not just mere humanitirianism. We do not only need the heart for the poor, we need the mind for the poor. Our charity must be grounded in truth, the truth of economics and the truth about the human person that they are created in the image of God with a creative capacity that must be given an opportunity to flourish. They need access to markets, property, land rights, fair trade policies and the rule of law that favor them, and not just a minority.

Derick Botha, ICCC South Africa, Agriculture Domain prophesied over business in South Africa, on 6 August 2006

“A new principle and standard will come forth in Africa saying that firstly the African people must benefit before any company is allowed to benefit.

New laws and legislation will be put in place that will enforce this.

We will not see any more that most of the riches leave Africa to benefit the other countries of the world before it benefits Africa.

The riches God has placed in African people all over the world, where they are in the diaspora, will be returned to Africa.

He is bringing back Africa’s children from all over the world where they were sent to be strengthened.

Many of them are frustrated.

They long for Africa, but fear that due to the poverty and corruption in Africa, there is no space for them to function in their callings. The Lord is cutting off this lie.

Even within Africa, the Lord is sending exiled children home to their nations with the riches they have gathered.

They will come back slowly, but surely.

Financial disasters in the West are about to destroy the things the exiles build their lives on.

The exiles will return with the riches of the world in their heads.

The Lord will bring them back to Africa and establish systems through the knowledge they have.

They will have integrity.

The Lord is coming against the shame in the African people that have left, and giving them godly pride for their nations.

The Lord will bring them back with godly pride and delight with gifts and callings, ministries, and skills.

With honor, they will begin to build.

The Lord says Africa is something,

Africa is important to God.

His focus and attention is on Africa and on the children of Africa.”

Source: The New Economy Book, Thabo Mahlobo

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