The New Economy Recitation


My heart is overflowing with a good theme of ‘ The New Economy’;

I recite my composition concerning the King’s intentions for my nation and continent – Africa;
An oracle is in my heart;
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.
Waiting to pen down the mysteries concerning Africa that have been hid over the ages but now made manifest by the Apostles and Prophets

My oppressors told me that
‘You are not good enough’
My friends said.
‘You are out of your mind’
My colleagues said
‘You will never make it’
The architectures of poverty in Africa reminded me that
‘Your fathers tried but they failed’
‘You do not have what it takes to bring down such a giant of:
Colonization, Imperialism, capitalism, communism and socialism with just a sling and a stone’

But My Father’s voice echoed in the midst of my confusion
You are my son in whom I am well pleased!
I have called you by my name;
I have called you to be my witness;
I have called you to be my representative among nations;
I have given you nations as your inheritance;

My Father’s voice is powerful
It is majestic;
It strikes with flashes of lighting;
It shakes the deserts;
It is over the waters;
It stills the chaotic ocean of my life;
It roars like a lion in a jungles full of opinions;
But He has raised the standard;
And His banner over me is His Love.

His love compels me to keep speaking this message with power;
His fire burns within me I cannot help, but speak the message;
This is the message! This is the message!

South Africa! South Africa ! There is still hope for your case!
I am doing something new among you!
A new principle and standard will come forth in South Africa!
saying “South African people must benefit first before any company is allowed to benefit.”
And that will be the standard for African nations
New laws and legislation will be put in place that will enforce this.
You will no longer see riches leave Africa to benefit other countries before they benefit Africans

South Africa! South Africa!
My purpose for you is to reach and bless Africa.
You will be a landing strip for nations
A place of launching Economic Reformers!
From the South of Africa to the rest of Africa.
Don’t worry about resources, recession and economic downturns
Your riches and supplies will not come from outside anymore.
They will come out of THIS ground, out of THIS place.
For I will reveal resources you never knew you had.
For I will reveal industries you never knew they existed.

So prepare yourselves, prepare your households, prepare your lives.
Your people will be Key Business leaders among the nations of Africa.
Resourcing nations as I have intended!

The New Economy is here! The New Economy is here!

By: Thabo Mahlobo

Author of The New Economy Book

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