The Father Heart Programme



The Father Heart Programme is a 10 days’ workshop designed for fathers, aspirant fathers, boys , families, mothers, girls and leaders from all walks of life who wants to grow in their relationship with Father God, their earthly fathers and also to be effective parents by just walking in the presence of our Father and model that to their families and society. We believe that our nation needs fathers and parents who will first turn their hearts to their children and in turn, their children will also turn their hearts to them. This programme has been developed by our team as a response in addressing the rising social ills, high teenage pregnancy, risky behavior, violence in schools, crime, corruption, and loss of respect for the law. We believe all these are a result of fatherlessness and the absence of parenting or parental authority.

Our programme has been structured amazingly and is delivered in the following ways:

  • Seminar or Talk (Open Forum with Q & A)
  • Intensive half-day or full-day workshop
  • Intensive weekend camps
  • Breakfast & Dinners meeting (relaxed and very interactive)
  • Conference

Some of the key topics we cover:

Getting Started (Registration, Orientation & Workshop Objectives)

Session 1- Called to Experience the Father’s Love

Session 2 – The Orphan spirit

Session 3 – Fatherlessness and Dysfunctional families

Session 4 – The Spirit of Adoption: Learning to live as sons and daughters

Session 5 – Re-Discovering Family

Session 6 – Turning the hearts of fathers to their children

Session 7- Restoring the culture of the ‘Blessing’

Session 8 – Think and Create Legacy

Wrapping up: A letter to my Child

To Download our Father Heart Workbook click on this link The Father Heart Workbook

To support this ministry and programme with any gift or money. Feel free to send a message to 074 1738108 / 0731436713. We would gladly appreciate any amount.

Daddy, Please come Home -Daddies Dinner

One of the key recommendations of Daddy, Please Come Home Project is for the alignment and coordinated efforts of business, government, and the Church in building our nation. On Saturdays after every Father Heart Event (7pm to 9pm), a dinner for Daddies in the region is held to conclude the workshop. The purpose of this dinner is to discuss current issues plaguing the region and Kingdom-based solutions. Attendees of the event will include Parents and Key Leaders in the region. Thabo usually hosts the dinner and lead the discussions.

To book this workshop for your team/ organization, or should you be interested in joining our Regional tour or workshops.

Please send us an email to or or call us on 074 173 8108 / 073 1436 713